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What A Wonderful WAAAAAAAGH!

Animation work done for the Karoryfer Lecolds, based on other references orks. The models were made in Magica Voxel, rigging in Mixamo and the following assets were used:
Post Processing v 2.0 - (download via pam)
Polygon Desert Pack -
Aura - Volumetric Lighting -
Adam Interior Enviroment -
Softwares for Animation
Magica Voxel (voxel models) -
Mixamo (Rigging) -

Vocals by Marie Ork, a free voice bank for the Plogue Alter/Ego singing synth.
Video edited by Kisa
Lyrics based on a Facebook post by Tony Otero

Louis Orkstrong "What A Wonderful WAAAAAAAGH!" sung by Marie Ork

Manoel garcia screen3

Models in Magica

Manoel garcia screen4

Main ork

Manoel garcia screen5


Manoel garcia screen2