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Cyberpunk City

This project is my first attempt to give a more professional look to my voxels, mixing Magica Voxel, Unity and Blender . To get to the above process were 6 months of intense studies at Unity. I knew almost nothing about the application and decided to do an immersion in several aspects of the software. I am still working on the project, but I hope to achieve the desired results.

I´m still working on it. I´ll update as possible.

Ciber City - Final Version

Manoel garcia scr1

Some lights

Manoel garcia scr2

Billboard material details

Manoel garcia scr3

Hotel neon updated

Manoel garcia scr4

Metro entrance

Manoel garcia scr5

All buildings placed. Time for assets, kights and effects

Manoel garcia scr6

buildings and ads

Manoel garcia scr11

More details

Manoel garcia scr14

Adding more details: billboard, lights, etc

Manoel garcia scr13

Detailing the shops

Manoel garcia sc15

WIP Shops

Cyberpunk City New Rendering test

Cyberpunk City Water test

Cyberpunk City - Subway

Manoel garcia scr1
Manoel garcia sc20
Manoel garcia scr22
Manoel garcia final